Quick small payday loans: Where and how to get a microloan

We often need to receive a small payday loan of 500 or 1000 euros for an unexpected cost or for something we want to buy immediately but for which we do not have liquidity at that time. Here we explain how and where it is possible to obtain an immediate microloan , but to do this we must specify what we mean by “small”.

Before going into it further, we want to ask you if you have had other loans in the past and have had problems with payments. If you are reported to CRIF we suggest you read this specific article on small payday loans for bad payers. If, on the other hand, you have not had problems paying installments, go ahead and read on.

What do we mean by small payday loans?

The word “small” can be associated with a subjective value. This is why we want to make a specific distinction. If you need a small payday loan of € 500, the solution to get a loan is different than the request for a € 3,000 loan.

For this we will explain how to get a loan: 

under € 1,000 ;

over € 1,000 .

We make this distinction because in general many financial institutions and banks do not finance below € 1,000 and even below € 5,000.

small payday loan under € 1,000

small payday loan under € 1,000

If you are looking for a small payday loan of € 500 or in any case an amount below € 1,000, you have several possibilities that we list here: 

Micro loans : they offer small fast loans not finalized under € 5,000. You will not have to specify what you need this money for and you can repay the loan in small installments starting from € 30. You will thus have the possibility of having a small quick loan disbursed in your current account in a few days;

MINI : have you had an account with MINI for more than 6 months? Please note that this bank offers excellent service for loans under € 5,000. It’s called “Prest”. You can apply directly from the app, by phone or by going to the MINI website. The procedure is simple and fast, but you will already have to be a customer of MINI.

Small Lender provides loans starting from € 500 up to € 30,000. Check out our article on Small Lender fast loans!

Nano minicredit : from € 500 to € 1,500. This product is a credit line that allows you to always have € 1,500 available. You will be able to repay in installments of 50 or 100 € monthly. Nano also provides financing quickly and easily.

Revolving cards : these are financial products that are now offered by many banks. It is in all respects credit cards absolutely linked to the owner. The maximum ceiling will be the one set by the bank when the credit card has been issued. During the purchase phase, therefore, you will be able to spend what is required by your card, but the amount will not be charged immediately, but will be managed in fixed installments. So ask your bank for the option of paying in installments with your credit card. If your bank has this product, the activation will be immediate, as the ceiling related to your possibility of spending has already been agreed in advance.

small payday loans changed: you can have a small payday loan with bills of exchange from some banks or a private person willing to give you credit.

Here we have seen how to get small payday loans below € 1,000. This is fast liquidity provided by banks or financial companies that will however want to have a guarantee of a pay slip or a CUD. You will therefore have to prove that you have an income . Furthermore you will not have to be a bad payer or protested. 


small payday loan over € 1,000

small payday loan over € 1,000

We will now show you how to get a small payday loan fast above € 1,000. Please also note here that all loans are payable following the presentation of a demonstrable income . If you do not have a paycheck or a cud, we refer you to the paragraph below where you can find loans from relatives and friends or a loan from the Pawnshop. 

If, on the other hand, you have a stable job with paychecks, if you are a self-employed person with a demonstrable income and you are not a bad payer or a protestant, you will certainly be able to access the small payday loans listed below:

ABC offers loans of € 1,000 upwards with immediate outcome and definitive response in 24 hours . It also has excellent reviews from consumers, which we believe is important. If you have a paycheck see on ABC under this link.

Small Bank Post Loan : Post provides this small payday loan from € 1,000 to € 3,000 on Pay Evolution , repayable in 22 fixed monthly installments. This type of loan can be requested directly at the nearest post office. It is not possible to request it online. 

Social Lending : we talked about Genius and Prest in our article. Here we inform you that Genius provides loans starting from € 1,000 and Prest from € 1,500. Interest rates on loans between private individuals are generally lower than traditional financials. Therefore these are small payday loans that must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, there is a feasibility response in 24 hours and a fairly fast delivery, at least for small amounts.

Quick payday small payday loans without collateral

Quick payday small payday loans without collateral

Even the solutions for small payday loans mentioned above are granted almost exclusively to those who have payroll .

For this reason we want to show you a couple of solutions even if you don’t have a demonstrable income . They are small payday loans that you can apply for even if you are protested or bad payer: 

small payday loan between family members or friends with private writing. This assumes that you have a person dear to you who has availability or wants to borrow you;

Pawnshop : in this case you will need to have a valuable item in gold that you can commit to get the money. We talked extensively about it in our one-hour article on fast loans


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